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Lothar (Warcraft)

A champion’s armor

As can be seen on the first posters of the movie, Anduin Lothar is most often in armor and that is how he is seen on this miniature. Being also from Wuthering Day, his armor is in the same style as Llane’s but this one is in a dark metal almost black enhanced with many golden details. We can guess lion patterns, symbol of the alliance, on the wrists, on the chest and on the belt. He holds his famous Ashkandi sword in his right hand. On the head, we find of course his thick beard and mustache and his thick hair is also nicely represented. His eyelids are represented slightly closed to give him this air always a little tired that the actor who interprets him always wears. Finally, we can also see his warrior scars in several places on his face.


The Wuthering Heights Champion

Anduin Lothar one of the main characters of the movie Warcraft inspired by the Warcraft universe and more particularly the MMORPG World Of Warcraft. This movie seems to focus on the period of the first war of the Alliance against the orcs. Anduin Lothar is the last of the line of the Arathi tribe. He grows up in the court of Wuthering Heights alongside his friends Prince Llane Wrynn and the mage Mevidh. When Llane’s father died, he became king and Anduin joined the army, rising quickly through the ranks. When Llane was shocked to learn that it was their old friend Mevidh who brought the orcs to Azeroth, he charged Anduin with finding him and killing him, which he did. But this did not stop the war against the orcs and Anduin was forced to gather his few remaining warriors and join Lordaeron across the sea to ask for help from King Menethil and the other races of the alliance, notably the high elves and dwarves.


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