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Murloc blanc (World Of Warcraft)

A murloc a little different

The white murloc is represented here with its body made of a single ball on which we find its eyes as well as four flippers, two on the sides and one on the bottom. It has two long legs widening towards the bottom as well as two kinds of arms with three-fingered hands. There are also red stripes on his legs and around his eyes.


Basic critters

Murlocs are very common creatures that the player can meet in the famous online video game World Of Warcraft. This game takes place in a world of Heroic Fantasy type but with varied and rich atmospheres. The murlocs are aggressive amphibian creatures that the player will find from the lowest levels walking, sometimes in very large quantities along the shore of the ocean or some large lakes. They can be easily spotted thanks to their famous cry, a kind of high-pitched gurgling sound that is rather comical. The white murloc is also the reward for a quest and thus becomes a pet for the player


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