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Jack Skellington Engine (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

The Halloween Train

Funko has represented Jack in the Halloween train engine for this Pop Trains figure. This figure is the first of a series of figures for this film and all can be attached to each other. This locomotive is purple with the shape of a steam locomotive but with a little twisted features as seen in the movie. There is also a small window with yellow light as in a house and the wheels and some parts of the train are yellow. Jack is at the controls, wearing a big smile, wearing his black and white striped suit and waving.

The King of Halloween

Jack Skellington is the king of the city of Halloween in the famous stop motion animation by Disney Studios and imagined by Tim Burton. Although he is not the mayor, Jack, the living skeleton, is the star. He is the one who organizes the Halloween festivities and always has the scariest ideas. But lately, Jack is sad and Halloween is not as fun as it used to be. That’s when he stumbles upon Christmas town where everyone seems to be happy, making presents and playing with snowballs instead of scaring each other. He thinks this is the solution to his problem and decides to kidnap Santa to find out more. But of course this will set off a whole series of events. In the end, Jack will realize that his sadness had nothing to do with Halloween or Christmas but with the love that was missing in his life.


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