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Jack Skellington Sugar Skull (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

A cheerful skeleton

For this exclusive figurine, Jack is represented in a Sugar Skull way. This is not a look he has at any point in the film but a reference to the Mexican festival of the dead where skeletons and skulls are decorated in this way. He wears as always a black and white striped suit with a bow tie in the shape of a bat. On the head, his white skull is decorated with colorful patterns representing flowers, petals and even his little dog Zero above his eyes.

The solution

Jack Skellington is the famous hero of the stop motion animation The Nightmare Before Christmas, created by Tim Burton and produced by Disney Studios. It tells the story of Jack, a living skeleton who is the star of the famous town of Halloween, where he is the master of the festivities. Jack is supposed to be the best at scaring people and coming up with the most innovative scary ideas. But this year, he is melancholic and doesn’t find the same pleasure in celebrating Halloween. So he goes for a walk in the forest and stumbles upon Christmas town where everyone seems to be happy. He decides to study this and to celebrate Christmas instead of Halloween. But he soon realizes that this is not what will make him happy because it was love that was missing in his life. He will find it in the person of Sally.


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