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Jasmine déguisée chase (Aladdin)

A precious gift

For this chase version of Jasmine’s disguise, there is still the same brown dress hiding her richest outfit as well as her long hair and tiara. We can still see her golden shoes as well as her earrings and her tiara that protrude from under her hood. What differentiates her from the normal version is that she holds in her hand the red apple that Aladdin offers her and that had embarrassed him with the merchant, Jasmine not being used to pay for what she eats.

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A princess who wants to see the world

Princess Jasmine is, with Aladdin, the heroine of the cult cartoon of the 90s: Aladdin. This cartoon is inspired by the famous tale of the Thousand and One Nights and tells the story of the pure-hearted thief, Aladdin, who finds the famous Ali Baba’s cave and especially the magic lamp that is there. From this lamp comes a genie who offers three wishes to the young man. He decides to become a rich prince in order to have a chance to impress Princess Jasmine and become her husband. Indeed, earlier in the cartoon, he met her while she was walking incognito in the market and helped her when a merchant thought she wanted to steal an apple, then showed her around the city as she had never seen it. It was love at first sight for them and Aladdin would do anything to see her again.


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