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Jin Kazama (Tekken)

The portrait of his father

Jin looks a lot like his father, physically and in terms of dress. Like him, he wears a black kimono bottom, unlike his father’s which is white, and red gloves with spikes. At the level of the head, he has these same strange eyebrows in point which seem to be a family characteristic and he wears his black hair pulled back except for a few wicks which fall on his forehead.


The successor

Jin Kazama is one of the playable characters from the third episode of the famous video game series Tekken. He is the son of the main character of the series Kazuya. When he is fifteen years old, his mother is violently killed by the Ogre. He will then go in search of his grandfather and ask him to train him with the same hardness as his father so that he can enter the tournament and with the strength to defeat the Ogre. Like his father, Jin has some demonic abilities that make him stronger and more resistant.


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