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Kazuya (Tekken)

A disturbing look

As in the games, Kazuya wears only the bottom of his white kimono with a blue belt. This is the only clothing he wears apart from his protective gloves and the bands around his feet. On his body we can see many marks of the presence of the demon like the stains on his chest, his cheeks and one of his eyes turned red. Her black hair is pulled back and the V-pattern at the root is clearly visible.


The demon fighter

Kazuya is one of the main characters of the Tekken series, the famous fighting video game from Namco studios. It tells the story of a Japanese finance boss whose wife dies while giving birth to his son Kazuya. He blames the child and educates him with harshness, teaching him how to fight. One day, he pushes the violence too far and Kazuya is about to die when a demon appears and offers to buy his soul in exchange for his life and the possibility of revenge on his father. He accepts and keeping the power of the demon in him, he will become an outstanding fighter and take revenge on his father.


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