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Jolteon diamond (Pokemon)

A shiny pok?mon

Jolt?on has been represented here in a diamond version, i.e. with a glittery paint which gives him a shiny side which corresponds well to his electric temperament. He is represented standing on his four legs and still looks like a kind of small fox. His body is yellow and he has a small white collar around his neck. At the level of the head, we can also see that its hair is all bristled to store static electricity. He also has two big pointed ears like a fennec.


An electric pok?mon

Jolt?on is a first generation pok?mon in the famous Nintendo video game where the player must collect these famous mutant creatures to train them and make them evolve. Jolteon is the evolution of the pok?mon Eevee (Evoli) when it is put in contact with a lightning stone. This gives him abilities related to electricity. Its body starts to emit an electric field reinforced by the static electricity of its hairs, which allows it to send discharges. In addition, he is immune to all electrik attacks which give him back life points.


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