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Joyce with magnets (Stranger Things)

Joyce is shown here wearing the outfit of the store where she works. She is wearing simple light blue jeans with white sneakers and a white t-shirt and a small blue blouse with her name on it with the buttons open. In her hands, she holds several magnets of different colors, those that have lost their magnetism. Finally, at the level of the head, we find her thick brown hair slightly curled and with a thick fringe falling on the forehead.


A new mystery

Joyce is one of the main characters in the fantasy series Stranger Things set in the 1980s in the United States. At the beginning of season three, Joyce is still working in the same store but customers are scarce due to the opening of the mall. Her friendship with Hopper has grown, but while he seems to want more, she prefers that they remain friends, especially because she is actually planning to sell her house and move elsewhere, as too many bad memories haunt her in Hawkins. One day, she notices that the magnets in her fridge and several in her store seem to have been demagnetized. She decides to investigate and with the help of her son’s physics teacher, she learns that this could be the result of the creation of a huge machine. She thinks that it could be the government starting experiments at Hawkins Lab again. Hopper is skeptical but goes with her anyway when she returns there. Everything seems to be as empty as it should be but as they are about to leave, Hopper is attacked by a mysterious Russian who knocks him out before fleeing. A simple look


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