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Kakashi Anbu (Naruto Shippuden)

An impressive appearance

Funko has represented him with his Anbu outfit for this new version of the character. Instead of his usual style, he wears an all-black, white and gray outfit. He wears black pants with black sandals and a kind of white armor on his torso and wrists. At the level of the head, he always wears this bandage hiding the bottom of his face and we find his red eye. His gray hair falls in points around his face and, on the side of his head, we find the red and white mask of Anbu looking like a cat that he normally wears on his face.


Mission first

Kakashi is an important character in the Naruto Shippuden anime. He is the son of Sakumo Hatake who was considered as one of the greatest ninjas of Konoha village. But one day, he preferred to save his friend rather than to go through with his mission and this made him be denigrated by all the other inhabitants. This even drove him to suicide. Kakashi then decided to take the complete opposite of his father and to always concentrate on his mission. For this reason, he can often appear as cold and very reserved but he knows how to be good and loyal. At the beginning of the series, he became the mentor of the group 7 of ninja apprentices including Naruto, the hero of the series. In one of the arcs of the series, Kakashi became a member of the Anbu, a kind of elite unit serving to protect the Kage, leaders of the hidden villages, in his case one of those of Konoha.


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