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Katsuki (My Hero Academia)

An explosive attitude

In addition to wanting to become the greatest superhero, Katsuki also wants to inspire fear. For this reason, he decided to add to his costume armors with arms looking like grenades and reminding the explosive nature of his power. Apart from that, his costume is black with a green belt and an orange X” on the chest. He wears big black boots with orange spikes and metal knee pads. Finally, on the head, we find his blond hair styled in spikes.


A fierce character

Katsuki is the rival of Izuku (Deku), the hero of the manga and the My Hero Academia series. In this world, almost everyone is born with an alter that gives its bearer special abilities that can make him or her a super hero. Because of this, there are high schools or schools that train students to become superheroes. The hero, Izuku, doesn’t have an alter, but his courage earned him the promise that All Might, the most powerful superhero, would give him his alter when he became too weak to control it. Katsuki, with his explosive power, swore that he would become an even greater hero than All Might. This makes him the natural rival of Izuku.


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