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Killer Croc (Suicide Squad)

A stylish monster

As far as the body is concerned, Killer Croc has a rather elegant style of Chinese inspiration. We find his black pants worn with black and gold sneakers. On top, he wears a black jacket decorated with a golden dragon pattern and his hands are partially bandaged. Obviously, it is his face that is the most memorable with its green skin covered with scales whose details are particularly well represented. His eyes are deeply sunken in his sockets and his mouth is uncovered, revealing two impressive rows of sharp teeth.


Crocodile Man

From his real name Waylon Jones, Killer Croc is one of the central characters of the movie Suicide Squad, adapted from the famous comic books of the same name. He suffers from a skin disease that covers his entire body with scales, giving him increased strength and a powerful jaw. His disease also affects his psychology, making him violent and quickly pushing him towards a criminal career. In Suicide Squad, he is recruited by a secret government agency to join a team made up of the worst criminals in the DC Universe. They will have to take part in very dangerous missions in exchange for remission.


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