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Boomerang (Suicide Squad)


The master of boomerangs

Boomerang is one of the main characters of the movie Suicide Squad, inspired by the DC comic book series of the same name. His real name is George Harkness and he grew up in Australia in a small, poor town. Discovering at a very young age an aptitude for boomerangs, he trained and learned to use them as weapons. He was recruited as a mascot by a boomerang manufacturer, but took advantage of the opportunity to program the boomerangs to rob the audience during his performances. He is eventually arrested and ends up in jail. In the movie Suicide Squad, in order to reduce his sentence, he is recruited in a very secret government team to participate in very dangerous missions and even suicide missions. In the movie, Boomerang has a grungy look and we can see that on this figure. We can see his blue jogging suit marked Captain on the top. With that, he wears black boots held together in several places by silver tape. In his right hand, he holds one of the famous boomerangs that are formidable weapons for this character. On the head, we can see his slightly red hair and this beard with a very recognizable style. As it is often the case, one of his eyes is surrounded by a big blue and we can see several cuts on his face.


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