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Dr Harleen (Suicide Squad)

An adorable figurine

Harley Quinn is represented here with her doctor outfit. Even if we don’t know the whole scenario of the movie, we can imagine that she wears this outfit during a flashback explaining the past of the character. She wears a white blouse over a blue skirt and a red blouse. So despite a much more serious outfit, we still find the favorite colors of the character. With that, she wears black pumps with red hearts on top. At the level of the head, her hair is blond without pink and blue tips and she wears glasses with thick black and red frames.


The psychiatrist gone wrong

Dr. Harleen is the real name of Harley Quinn, one of the main characters of Suicide Squad, the DC Studios movie adapted from the comic books of the same name. Indeed, before becoming Harley Quinn, one of Batman’s most famous enemies, she was a psychiatrist at the Gotham psychiatric hospital where she met the Joker. She fell in love with him and also went crazy. In Suicide Squad, she is recruited by a secret government agency to join a team in charge of carrying out extremely dangerous missions. This team is composed of the worst criminals of Gotham City and is called the Suicide Squad.


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