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Deadshot (Suicide Squad)

In red and black

As you can see in the movie, Deadshot always wears a black suit with a few red touches. This one is embellished with black boots and matching shooting gloves. In his hands, he holds an impressive rifle in the same colors with a touch of gold and a sentence engraved on the barrel. On the head, his skin is brown and his head is completely shaved. His eyebrows show the serious aspect of the character and his beard is perfectly reproduced.


The leader of the gang

Deadshot is one of the main characters of the movie Suicide Squad, inspired by the famous DC Comics series of the same name. In this movie, several of the DC Universe’s most notorious criminals are recruited by a top secret government agency to participate in suicide missions that are too dangerous for the U.S. military, in exchange for a shortened sentence. Deadshot is an outstanding marksman who has murdered many people. He is very serious and is obsessed with finishing his mission no matter what. This often makes him the leader of the team.


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