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The Joker (Suicide Squad)

A particular style

For this first figurine of the character, the Joker doesn’t really have the elegant style that we usually know him. He wears only a blue jogging suit marked Arkham (the name of the psychiatric hospital where he is interned). On his body, we can see many tattoos nicely reproduced: a skull, the word Joker, and hahaha” everywhere. At the level of the head, his eyes are circled and we find especially this big mouth marked with red lipstick and his false metal teeth. Finally, we find all the same his traditional green hair and the tattoo “damaged” on his forehead.


The psychiatrist gone mad

The Joker is one of the important characters in the movie Suicide Squad, inspired by the DC comics of the same name. In this film, Amanda Waller recruits several of the DC Universe’s most notorious criminals to join a top-secret government team to take on particularly dangerous missions in exchange for reduced sentences. The Joker is one of the most famous villains in the DC Universe, driven mad after falling into a vat of toxic chemicals. This also gave him a special sense of humor that makes the character very popular with the public. We don’t know his exact role in the movie since he has never been part of the suicide squad.


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