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Harley Quinn Ball Gown (The Suicide Squad)

Always with style

Harley Quinn is represented here with one of the outfits we see her wearing during the movie, the red ball gown always in accordance with its color theme. It’s a long red flamenco dress with many ruffles that she holds with both hands as if to make a bow. She also wears matching red shoes. At the level of the head, we find her blond hair and the points of her hair dyed in red and black and brought back in bun. We also find the heart tattoo on her cheek and the red and black rectangles on her arm.


Back for a dangerous mission

Harley Quinn is one of the heroines of the movie The Suicide Squad. This one is part of the DC cinematic universe. It is a sequel to the first Suicide Squad movie but is mainly independent from it. Harley Quinn ended up in Belle Reve prison for her many violent crimes during her time with the Joker. Real name Harleen Quinzel, she was his psychiatrist before falling in love with him and joining him in a life of crime that she saw primarily as a way to have fun. When Amanda Waller again offers her to join her top-secret team to carry out a very dangerous mission for the government in exchange for a reduced sentence, Harley Quinn doesn’t hesitate to do it again. Her team led by Colonel Rick Flag and composed of the worst and most terrifying criminals, will be sent to the island of Corto Maltese where they will have to fight neo-Nazis, guerillas and the famous Starro.


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