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Deadshot masked (Suicide Squad)

Deadshot masked

This figure is the replica of the other figure of this character released for this movie, except that this time he wears a white mask with a nicely detailed aiming instrument. On the body, we still find his black and red bulletproof suit and of course, he still holds his sniper rifle in his hands. This one is also black and red with some golden elements including a sentence written on the barrel.


An assassin with a sad past

Deadshot is one of the central characters of Suicide Squad, the movie inspired by the famous DC Comics created in the 80s. Deadshot, whose real name is Floyd Lawton, grew up with a violent father. One day he decided to finish him off and kill him, but the shot went the wrong way and he accidentally killed his brother. This affected him and he became an assassin and marksman. While caught by the law and in prison, he was offered to join a top secret government team. In exchange for a reduced sentence, he will have to participate in particularly dangerous missions, almost suicide missions.


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