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The Joker with tuxedo (Suicide Squad)

A stylish villain

The Joker is shown here wearing the tuxedo he wears in one of Harley Quinn’s memories. This one has a bit of a retro look with short black pants and black and white shoes. He is wearing a white jacket and a black tails jacket and a white bow tie. He is also wearing white gloves. His face is as always very pale with green hair. He has a wide mouth with red lips and two tattoos on his face and rings on his teeth.


A manipulator

The Joker is one of the characters of the movie Suicide Squad, adapted from the DC comics of the same name. In this movie, Amanda Waller recruits a team made up of Gotham City’s top criminals to take part in some very dangerous missions in exchange for the promise of reduced sentences. One of these criminals is Harley Quinn, formerly the girlfriend of the notorious Joker. The Joker does not take part in the action of the film but is present in many flashbacks seen through the eyes of Harley Quinn. We can see how he made her fall in love with him while he was his patient in the Gotham City mental asylum. And how she followed him into his world of madness and crime. We can also see how unhealthy their relationship was and how he abandoned her when she got trapped and arrested.


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