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L with cake (Death Note)

A rather happy L

If we don’t know much about this mysterious character at first, we soon realize that he has a big penchant for sugar. For this exclusive figurine, Funko chose to represent him in this cult scene of the series where he eats cake crouching on the ground. He wears the same simple blue jeans and white t-shirt as on the previous figure and we can see his haircut and the makeup on his eyes. Finally, in his hand, he holds a plate with a piece of cake and a fork sticks out of his mouth.


The detective with a penchant for sugar

L is an important character in the famous manga Death Note. In this story, a bright and disillusioned young student finds a notebook that gives him the power to kill anyone he wants just by writing their name in it. He then decides to use it to get rid of the worst criminals of the country. But intrigued by these serial deaths that he thinks are the work of a serial killer, the genius detective known as L, decides to investigate. And aside from his intelligence, this character is also known for his penchant for sugar.


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