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Ryuk (Death Note)

A strange character

Ryuk is a deity and therefore, although he is humanoid, he does not have a completely human appearance. His skin and hair are blue and his face has a vaguely skeletal appearance: his nose is only represented by two holes, his wide mouth reveals sharp teeth and his eyes shine with a rather unhealthy yellow color. At the body level, we find this dark blue tight-fitting jumpsuit with this kind of loincloth as well as several jewels with a skull motif. Finally, he holds a red apple in his left hand.


The god of death

Ryuk is an important character of Death Note, the very popular manga adapted in animation series. It tells the story of a gifted high school student who finds a strange notebook on which are written the words Death Note. This notebook would have the power to kill anyone as soon as the name of a person and his face are known. Discovering that these powers are real, he begins to use them to rid the world of evil and the worst criminals. It is then that he meets Ryuk, the god of death to whom this notebook belonged before. He would have abandoned it voluntarily in order to entertain himself by seeing what would be done with it by the one who would find it.


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