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Labrador Retriever (Pets)

A dog with a physique as gentle as his character

Labradors can be brown, black or beige, but it is probably the beige ones that we are most used to seeing and it is therefore one of those that Funko decided to represent. We can see this yellow/beige coat as well as the thicker coat of his chest, nicely represented. His head is slightly tilted to the side to add to his cute look. We can see his big eyes whose expressiveness is accentuated by his particularly mobile eyebrows. Her look is completed by her big black nose and her big floppy ears.


The Otter Dog

This Labrador figurine is not inspired by a particular character but by the breed of dog itself, like all the other figurines in this series. The Labrador is a dog native to the United Kingdom. Legend has it that he was born from a cross between a Newfoundland dog and an otter, due to his ease in water. It is in fact a cross between a Newfoundland dog and an English hunting dog. If he was initially bred to be a retriever, his gentle character and intelligence make him an excellent companion dog for handicapped, blind or autistic people


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