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Beagle (Pets)

Snoopy’s inspiration

Like the other dogs of this series, the beagle is represented sitting to stick to the usual proportions of pop figurines. We can see his typical white and brown coat and his short tail. His adorable little head is tilted to the side and we can see his big black eyes and his big nose. What characterizes perhaps most this dog of small size, it is its large drooping ears which are very well represented here.


An adorable hunting dog

This figurine is part of the pets collection which represents different breeds of pets. The beagle has been on earth at least since ancient times as it is mentioned in ancient Greek texts but it was not until the nineteenth century that the breed was clearly established in England. It is mainly used as a hunting dog thanks to its very developed sense of smell and its absence of recurrent genetic diseases. This also makes it unfortunately a dog very used in laboratories.


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