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Dachshund (Pets)

A black and tan Dachshund

As for the other figurines, Funko has chosen to represent this dog in its most common and representative color called black and tan. We can see his short legs that earned him his nickname of sausage dog. At the level of the head, we find well this effect of mask created by the association of the two colors. His eyes and his nose are black and especially, we find the big drooping ears which make him so cute.


A badger hunter

This French Bulldog figurine does not represent a specific dog but the whole breed. The dachshund is a dog that originated in Germany where it was used as a hunting dog for badgers that it dug up from their burrows (dachs means badger in German). The breed was made official in the 17th century and is already mentioned in ancient Egyptian frescoes where he appeared with straight and not floppy ears.


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