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Calico (Pets)

A cat with a nice mask

This color can appear on different breeds, Funko has chosen to represent a common domestic cat, probably a European. So we can find this white coat on the chest and part of the legs and red and black on the back and the rest of the legs. It is represented sitting with its tail brought forward. At the level of the head, we find these same colors organized like a kind of mask on the face of the cat. On the top of his head, we find of course his big triangular ears and pink inside.


The tortoiseshell cat

This figure is part of the pets collection which for once does not represent specific characters but breeds of domestic animals. The calico is not, strictly speaking, a breed of cat but a coat color. It is characterized by spots of various sizes and shapes, most often red and black with a majority of white. In France, it is more often called tortoiseshell and white. This particular coat is almost only found on females due to the genetic particularity of these colors. This type of coat can be found on different breeds of cats, whether they have long or short hair.


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