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French Bulldog (Pets)

A funny little head

The French Bulldog can be of several different colors and Funko decided to represent the one we probably see the most, the one of beige and cream color. We can see his body and short on legs sitting on his hindquarters. At the level of the head, one finds well this famous flattened and wrinkled muzzle typical of this small dog. His coat is darker around the eyes and on the muzzle, creating a kind of small mask. On the top of his head, we can see his big straight ears.


A miniature dog

This French Bulldog figurine does not represent a specific dog but the whole breed. It was created in the 19th century and is the result of crossing bulldogs with smaller dogs. Indeed, the dog fights having become illegal in England, these were without work. So they started to cross them with terriers to make a smaller pet breed. The English lacemakers who came to settle in Normandy brought these dogs with them and they were a great success. They then started to cross them with even smaller dogs and this gave the breed of French bulldogs” or miniature bulldogs.


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