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Lady Sif (Thor The Dark World)

The armor above all

Lady Sif being a powerful warrior, she is obviously represented in armor. This is the outfit she wears in most of her scenes. Of course, she wears a much more feminine armor than her companions, but still more realistic and practical” than the one we can see in the comics. We can recognize the details of her grey metal armor with its characteristic heart-shaped “neckline”. His shoulders, wrists and shins are also protected by this metal armor whose details are very finely represented. The rest of her outfit is mainly made of red leather and forms a kind of skirt. But while in the movies, she also wears black leather pants, Funko chose to represent her bare legs, as if she was really fighting in skirt and boots above the knee! Her face is simple and like in the movie, her hair is free and held back by two simple braids. Finally she holds in her hands her shield and her sword with Nordic-inspired patterns. This figurine is probably one of the most faithful and finely realized. This makes it a must-have for any Marvel movie fan!


Sif, the warrior goddess

Lady Sif is one of the characters of the movies Thor” and “Thor The Dark World” inspired by Marvel comics. Sif is inspired by an earth goddess in Norse mythology. In the comics and movies, she is a powerful warrior often accompanying the prince and future king Thor. Sif’s friendship with Thor quickly turns into love. But, at least in the movies, it will not be reciprocated although Thor feels for her a strong friendship and a great respect. In the first movie, Loki manages to banish his brother Thor from Asgard, and tries to take over. Sif and her friends will then do everything to prevent Thor and help him fight Loki. In Thor The Dark World, she will again help Thor to flee Asgard in order to heal his human lover Jane Foster, despite her obvious jealousy. This one has been contaminated by the Aether, a strange mystical force that her human body is unable to withstand.


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