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Korg with Miek (Thor Ragnarok)

A funny duo

For this exclusive figure, Korg is represented here with Miek, the funny insect-like creature he always has with him and that he seems to care about even if he is never sure if it is dead or alive. Korg looks a bit like a troll with his body made of stone and his build is impressive. He wears his brown leather gladiator outfit: shorts, a belt, some kind of braces holding them and passing around his torso. In his right hand, he holds Miek, a kind of big purple insect with many legs and mandibles at the front of his head.


A surprising character

Korg is a character that Thor meets on another planet in the movie Thor Ragnarok. Indeed, in this movie, after Odin’s death, Hela, Thor and Loki’s hidden sister, is freed from her prison and is determined to take revenge by taking control of Asgard. She is much stronger than her two brothers and so they have to escape via the Bifrost. But they are sent out of it before arriving on Asgard and find themselves on a strange planet. Thor is captured and forced to fight in a futuristic gladiatorial arena. There he meets Korg, one of the gladiators, and a rather mild-mannered character despite the fact that he is a Kronan, an enemy people of Asgard. He has tried several times to lead a rebellion but without success. So when Thor runs away with the Hulk and decides to go back to Asgard to try to save his people, he will help Korg to finally lead his rebellion in order to have an army with him.


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