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Korg (Thor Ragnarok)

A man of stone

As can be seen, Korg’s appearance seems to be inspired by that of trolls from Norse legends with his massive stature and stone-like skin. Like the Hulk, he wears a gladiator’s outfit: short brown pants with a wide leather belt, all held together by a strap around his torso. He also wears pads around his ankles and a piece of armor erected from metal balls on his left shoulder. In his hands, he holds an impressive mass of gray metal erected with spikes and small green lights. Finally, at the level of the head, we find his coarse face.


The Hulk

Korg’s ally is a character from the movie Thor Ragnarok, the new opus of the adventures of the superhero from the planet Asgard. In this movie, Thor finds himself deprived of his powers and his hammer and imprisoned on another planet after the terrible Hela has attacked Asgard. On this planet, he is forced to fight as a gladiator and is surprised to find himself facing his former Avengers colleague”, the Hulk. We still don’t know the precise role of Korg in this movie, but in the comics we know that he is an alien of the Kronan race who, after attacking the Earth, also found himself imprisoned and forced to fight as a gladiator because of the obedience discs attached to his chest. In order to get out of there and survive, he finds himself in alliance with the Hulk.


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