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Thor (Thor The Dark World)

Thor and his hammer

Thor is shown here with his usual Thunder God outfit inspired by the Marvel comics. He wears a black outfit with matching boots and a chest plate reinforced with metal plates. He also wears bracelets on each wrist and a metal reinforcement on each shoulder holds his red cape on his shoulders. In his right hand, he holds his famous Mjolnir hammer with beautiful runic decorations. Finally, at the head level, we find his beard and his blond goatee as well as his hair of the same color.


Thor against the dark elves

Thor is the hero of the movie Thor The Dark World, the second opus of the Marvel hero from Asgard. After the events of Avengers, Thor must bring Loki back to his planet to put him in jail and also restore order in the nine kingdoms shaken by wars and invasions. Just when he thinks things are settled, Heimdall tells him that something is wrong with Jane Foster, the Earth girl he met in the first film and, although they fell in love, he had to give up to meet the demands of his position as prince. Indeed, the passages between the dimensions are blurred and Jane is contaminated by a strange mystical force: the Aether and Thor must bring her back to Asgard to try to understand what is wrong with her. It is then that Asgard is attacked by the Dark Elves who have recently awakened, attracted by the power of the Aether, which happens to be one of the five Infinity Stones.


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