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Hela unmasked (Thor Ragnarok)

Hela without a mask

For this exclusive figure, Funko depicted Hela without her mask and famous antler-like helmet, just as she is the first time she appears in the film. She wears a black skin-tight jumpsuit revealing only her shoulders and nicely decorated with green elements whose details are well reproduced by Funko. She also wears a long black cape to complete her look. At the head level, we find her long black hair as well as the heavy black and green makeup around her particularly recognizable blue eyes.


A complicated family

Hela is the hidden sister of Thor and Loki that we meet for the first time in the movie Thor Ragnarok. Indeed, while Loki had taken his father’s place on the throne of Asgard, Odin had been sent to a retirement home on Earth. When Thor finally finds him, it is only to realize that he is dying. After an emotional farewell, Odin dies, his body simply disappearing into stardust. But when this happens, it automatically frees Hela, Odin’s first daughter, whom he had locked up when she had started to take too much pleasure in war and destruction. And she is determined to take revenge by taking control of Asgard to destroy it. Thor and Loki escape thanks to the Bifrost but it is interrupted and they find themselves trapped on a planet where Thor finds himself a gladiator with Bruce Banner, having not left the form of the Hulk since he disappeared at the end of the second Avengers movie. When Thor finally makes it back to Asgard, he realizes that Hela is unbeatable and decides to bring Surtur to destroy the planet and Hela along with it, taking his people to the safety of Earth using the ship he recovered.


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