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Thor Odin force (Thor Ragnarok)

The Power of Lightning

For this SDCC 2018 exclusive figure, Funko has depicted Thor using his power in this famous new way. He’s wearing his usual Asgard prince outfit: a tight-fitting, sleeveless gray jumpsuit with a red cape and brown boots. At the level of his arms, we can see this kind of blue rope representing the lightning accumulating around him before being able to project it towards his enemies and at the level of his face, his eyes shine with the same magic blue. Both elements are made of plastic that glows in the dark, which gives the figure a real magical touch.


A new power

Thor is the hero of the movie Thor Ragnarok, the third opus of the adventures of the Asgardian demigod. In this film, after the death of Odin, Thor is confronted with his sister Hela who, after being locked up for centuries, is determined to take revenge. She easily breaks Thor’s hammer and takes control of Asgard while he is projected on an unknown planet. He is taken prisoner and, deprived of his divine power, is forced to become a gladiator, forced to fight against his friend Hulk who doesn’t seem to recognize him. But during the fight, Odin’s voice reminds him that his power is not linked to his hammer but to lightning. So he manages to summon it and ends up freeing himself. After that, all he has to do is convince enough people to help him take back Asgard from Hela’s hands.


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