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Levi (Attack On Titan)

A cold look

Like many of the characters in the series, he is part of the army and therefore wears the recognizable uniform with those white pants, those high brown boots, the many harnesses around his thighs as well as that brown loincloth around his waist. He holds his two swords in his hand and on his shoulders he wears the short green cloak similar to Eren’s. At the head level, we can recognize his short black hair partly shaved on one side and the drawing of his eyes reflects well the often cold attitude of the character.


A great fighter despite his appearance

Levi is the brother of Mikasa Ackermann in the manga Attack On Titan and the animated series derived from it. In this series, humanity finds itself in grave danger when, seemingly out of nowhere, titans, humanoid creatures that can measure more than 15 meters, begin to attack, killing and devouring everyone in their path. Levi is Mikasa’s brother and they both come from a family related to the reason for the arrival of the titans. They are now part of the army trying to fight the titans. Levi is a formidable warrior despite his small size and is also memorable for his obsession with cleanliness and his somewhat cold personality.


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