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cleaning Levi (Attack On Titan)

When he’s not fighting titans, Levi often satisfies his obsession with cleanliness by cleaning, which is how he’s represented on this exclusive figure. He wears a light version of his soldier’s uniform: simple gray pants and a matching shirt with brown boots and the many leather straps that hold his clothes in place. On his head, he wears a mask in front of his nose and mouth and a cloth to protect his hair, leaving only a few strands of black hair sticking out. Finally, in his right hand, he holds a large white duster.


An unusual family

Levi is one of the main characters of the manga and of the Attack On Titan animated series. He and his sister Mikasa have become fighters since the Earth was submerged by the arrival of titans, humanoid creatures measuring 15 meters high or more and destroying or devouring everything in their path. We know that Levi and Mikasa’s family is connected to the phenomenon that caused the Titans to appear, which makes them even more motivated warriors. Although he is rather frail, he is an outstanding fighter. Levi’s passion


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