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Armored Titan (Attack On Titan)

Like all titan figures, the armored titan is a super sized figure of 15 cm. As usual, we can see his flayed body showing all his overdeveloped muscles but in addition to these, he has thick patches of skin on his legs, chest, arms working as combat armors. On his head, a thick layer of skin covers a large part of his face, revealing his white eyes and his jaw in a rather terrifying way.


An even stronger titan

The armored Titan is a character from the manga Attack On Titan which was quickly adapted into an animated series following its success. One hundred years ago, titans, almost human creatures but being able to measure more than fifteen meters (some up to sixty meters) landed on the planet, killing, destroying and devouring everything in their path. The human beings then gathered in armies and fortified cities surrounded by very high walls able to protect them from the titans. The armored titan is one of the nine that have thick skin plates as armor over their body, normally looking like skinned men


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