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Colossal Titan (Attack On Titan)

The skinned titan

The colossal titan stands out from the other titans by its size (60 meters instead of the usual maximum 15) but also by its appearance. Indeed, this one having no skin at all, we can not only see all his jaw, like the other titans, but also all his muscles and tendons, which gives him an even more impressive and terrifying aspect.


An enemy of titanic proportions

The Colossal Titan is one of the most dangerous enemies of humanity in the famous manga Attack On Titan. In this world, the titans, humanoid creatures that can measure up to 15 meters, appeared on Earth a century ago and started to destroy everything and devour all the humans they came across. They then started to organize themselves in fortified cities protected by high walls. But the Colossal Titan is part of the Titans shifters race and measures more than 60 meters, which allowed him to destroy the Maria wall and the District of Shiganshina before being defeated by Eren Jaeger.


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