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Female Titan (Attack On Titan)

The blonde-haired titan

Like the other titan figures, the female titan is a super-sized figure of 15 cm. Her body is skinned and skinless with red and beige muscles and tendons. Her fists are raised and her fingers are white. At the level of the head, its eyes are circled of red and hollowed out and we find these significant marks on the cheeks. Finally we find the blond hair that reminds us that this character is a titanic version of Annie.


A terrifying version of Annie

The female Titan is a character from the manga and the Attack On Titan anime series. In this cartoon, humans face a terrible threat when the titans, humanoid creatures of more than fifteen meters high, attack and devour everyone in their path. The surviving humans form an army to try to fight them. Annie Leonhart is one of those people who has the ability to transform into a titan, this one being nicknamed the female titan”.


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