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Eren Jaeger noir et blanc (Attack On Titan)

A sad world

For this version exclusive to Bait stores, Funko chose to represent Eren Jaeger in black and white. In terms of shape, this figure is the same as the classic version of the character with his army uniform: the cape on his shoulders, the cloth around his waist and his high boots. He still holds a pistol in each hand and his short brown hair falls on his forehead. And although the figure is almost only in shades of gray, Funko still kept some brown elements like the boots, the fabric around his waist or the sleeves of his uniform.


A young warrior

Eren Jaeger is one of the heroes of Attack On Titan, the famous manga adapted into an animated series. The story takes place in a world where humanity is threatened by the presence of titans, humanoid creatures that can measure fifteen meters high or more and kill, destroy and devour all those who are in their path. If we eventually discover the reason for their appearance a hundred years earlier, their presence remains a mystery at first. When he was a child, Eren saw his mother being devoured by one of them before his eyes. He then decided to go to one of the large walled cities where humans can still live in relative safety. Despite his young age and frail physique, he joins the army fighting the titans and becomes a fierce warrior, using his intelligence to compensate for his physique.


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