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Loki (Thor The Dark World)

An outfit worthy of a god

Loki is represented here in the costume he wears in the second part of the film. When Loki is imprisoned, we see him wearing much more sober and less neat clothes. But when Thor needs his help and gets him out, he puts on clothes worthy of the God he thinks he is. We find the legendary elegance of the character with black pants, black tunic and 3/4 length coat. The touches of green and gold, colors traditionally associated with Loki, are also present on his clothes and very faithful to the outfit worn by Tom Hiddleston in the film. Although Loki is a character who fights mostly by cunning and not by force, the creators of the figurine have not forgotten the armor elements of his costume: the large bracelets and shoulder pads. Loki is also represented with the dagger that he will use to give the illusion of his brother’s betrayal. Finally Funko has of course represented Loki with his long black hair traditionally styled backwards, not forgetting the implantation of the hair slightly in heart of Tom Hiddleston.


Loki, god of cunning and discord

In Norse mythology, Loki is the god of discord. Although the creators of the comic and the movies took some liberties with this mythology, the character remains quite faithful. At the time of his first appearance in the movie Thor, he thinks he is the brother of Thor and son of Odin. He will learn that he was adopted and is in fact the son of an ice giant. Jealous of Thor, whom he thinks unworthy of being the successor to the throne of Asgard, he will do anything to take his place. In Thor The Dark World, after having wanted to take control of the Earth in The Avengers” (no less), he finds himself in the prison of Asgard. But an attack of the dark elves will push Thor to ask for his help. Although he is a “villain” Loki is one of the most appreciated characters of the Marvel universe. He is an intelligent character and gifted for metamorphosis whose true intentions are never known. His humor, his second degree and his detached side very “British” contrast enormously with the more “Viking” personality of his “brother” Thor, creating very funny dialogues. The actor Tom Hiddleston and the producers will play a lot with this character trait during various events for the promotion of the films.


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