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Louis (La Princesse Et La Grenouille)

A not so terrifying alligator

Although he is an alligator, Louis has a rather friendly and amusing physique and is really not terrifying! And Funko has reproduced this impression very well. As is often the case with Disney, Louis is a bit humanized as he stands on his hind legs. As in the cartoon, his body has rather soft shapes, especially his belly which is quite round. The two shades of green and the different details of his paws are well represented. As for the head, although the creators of the figurine had to adapt to the usual shapes of Funko Pop figurines, the whole is quite faithful. We find his alligator snout a little elongated but also a smiling mouth and a not very impressive dentition for an alligator! As it is often mentioned in the film, Louis is a jazz lover and an excellent trumpet player, so he is logically represented with his instrument in his paw.


The trumpet alligator

Louis is one of the important characters of the Disney cartoon The Princess and the Frog”, very freely inspired by the tale “The Frog King” of the Grimm brothers. The Princess And The Frog has the particularity of being the last Disney cartoon made in traditional animation, which had been done for the last time seven years earlier with Lilo And Stitch. (excluding sequels and films released directly on DVD). It tells the story of a young African-American waitress, Tiana, living in 1920s New Orleans. She has dreamed of opening her own restaurant since she was a child and has worked hard to do so. During a costume party organized by a friend, Tiana meets Prince Naveen, who has been transformed into a frog by Doctor Facilier, a voodoo wizard. She agrees to kiss him to break the spell, but it’s actually Tiana who finds herself transformed into a frog. They decide to go to the bayou in the hope of being helped by the voodoo priestess Mama Odie. On the way, they meet a friendly alligator named Louis, who will help them reach their destination faster. Louis is a big fan of jazz and especially of the trumpet, which he plays quite well!


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