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Mad Hatter black light (Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles)

A psychedelic hatter

Funko has depicted the hatter in fluorescent colors that stand out when viewed under a black light in this new version. He is represented during his famous non birthday dipping his saucer in his cup of tea. We find his elegant suit with too short pants, a very high collar and a top hat. His skin is a bright yellow while his hat is green, matching his jacket. His pants are blue with purple accents and his shoes are purple. Finally, her hair is orange and her tea is pink.


Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is one of the iconic characters from the Disney Studios animated film Alice in Wonderland, based on the famous novel by Lewis Carroll. Alice meets him when, after falling down the rabbit hole, she desperately tries to find her way home. The Mad Hatter is in his garden with the March Hare celebrating their unbirthday. They explain to Alice that they would much rather celebrate their non-birthdays since they have 364 of them a year instead of just one. They invite her to their tea party where they dip the plates in their tea like cookies and cut the cups like pieces of cake. Alice soon realizes that they are not going to help her find her way and leaves them to try her luck further afield.


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