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Mad Hatter Tea Party Anniversaire Disneyland Resort (Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles)

A cult attraction

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of the first by Disneyland, Funko represented the Hatter in one of the cups of the famous attraction Mad Tea Party. He is in a cup on its saucer, all in shades of blue and turquoise and we find the small opening to access it. He wears a green jacket with a bow tie and especially his big green top hat with a card hanging on the side. In his hands, he is holding a purple cup with a spilling tea on one side and a yellow teapot with a red flower on the other side.


A Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is a popular character in the cartoon Alice in Wonderland based on the novel of the same name. In this cartoon, Alice, a young English girl falls asleep during her lessons and then finds herself in a magical world from which she will desperately try to find the exit. She follows a white rabbit who says she is late and, hoping he can help her find her way, ends up at a strange tea party. Everyone seems to be a bit crazy and the hatter who organizes it even more so. Indeed, the hatter explains to him that he is celebrating his non-birthday. This happens around a large table on which we find many cups and teapots and funny guests like a dormouse sleeping in a teapot.


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