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Madam Mim en Dragon chase (Merlin l’Enchanteur)

Not so scary anymore

Funko has depicted her as she is infected with Merlin’s virus for this chase version of the dragon version of Madam Mim. Her dragon body turns green instead of purple and red spots appear on her belly. We still find her little wings on her back and her pointed tail. On her head, her face shows that she is sick and we can still see her usual purple hair.

A wicked witch

Madam Mim is a character from the cartoon Merlin the Enchanter, freely adapted from the Arthurian legend by the Disney studios. In this cartoon, Merlin decides to become the tutor of the young Arthur, then servant of the lord Hector and not knowing that he is in fact the son of the last king of England. One day, while Merlin has transformed him into a blackbird to fly, he takes refuge at Madam Mim’s house when he is pursued by an eagle. The latter is a witch who happens to be an old enemy of Merlin. When she realizes that Arthur is her prot?g?, she tries to kill him. Merlin opposes and begins a duel where each in turn changes into an animal. When Madam Mim turns into a dragon, she thinks she has won. But Merlin turns into a virus and infects Madam Mim, winning the fight.


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