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Madam Mim en Dragon (Merlin l’Enchanteur)

A terrifying form

Funko has represented Madam Mim here in a super sized version of 25 cm when she takes her dragon form. She is all purple and sitting on her butt with a very big belly. She has tiny little wings on her back, little clawed front paws and a tail that ends like an arrow. She also has bright green eyes and her human hair can be found on her head.

A lifelong enemy

Madam Mim is one of the important characters in the Disney cartoon The Sword in The Stone. She is a witch and a lifelong enemy of Merlin the Enchanter. Like him, she has strong powers, including the ability to transform into all kinds of animals, as seen during their famous challenge. Arthur meets her when he tries to escape from a hawk while Merlin has transformed him into a blackbird. He takes refuge in her house and when she understands that he is Merlin’s prot?g?, she tries to kill him. It is then that the duel between her and Merlin takes place. Merlin wins by turning into a microbe and infecting the witch.


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