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Merlin with Archimedes (Merlin l’Enchanteur)

A famous duo

Funko has represented Merlin here with Archimedes, his famous learned owl. Merlin has a long white beard, a mustache and matching eyebrows. He wears a long blue magician’s robe and a large pointed hat of the same color. He also wears his tiny glasses and holds his wand in his left hand. Archimedes is a small brown and beige owl with white parts that make him look like he has a beard too.

The greatest magician

Merlin is one of the heroes of the Disney cartoon Merlin the Enchanter (The Sword in the Stone in VO). Merlin is of course the famous magician of the Arthurian legends. One day, he meets a young boy lost in the forest, a servant of Sir Hector and, recognizing his potential, decides to become his tutor. Indeed, the young Arthur is none other than the hidden son of the last king of England. Merlin will teach him physics and all sorts of other notions through magic and Archimedes, his learned owl, will teach the young boy to read and write. But Merlin must also face the witch Madam Mim, an old enemy, who will of course try to attack the enchanter’s prot?g?.


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