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Marjorine (South Park)

A Happy Girl

Butters is shown here as a girl in a nightgown at a sleepover with the other girls. He is wearing a white nightgown with stars, moons and clouds. He is also wearing pink bunny slippers that match the bow on his nightgown. On the head, he wears a blonde wig with two non-symmetrical pigtails held together by green bows and he wears another one on top of his head.


Butters undercover

Marjorine is in fact Butters disguised in an episode of season nine of the animated series for adults South Park. Butters is a secondary character who is a classmate of the four heroes but who becomes more and more important during the series. He is a rather sweet and gentle little boy who often finds himself being the whipping boy, especially for Cartman. In this particular episode, the boys want to know what this mysterious device is that the girls seem to use to see the future. So they pretend Butters is dead and disguise him as a girl named Marjorine to infiltrate the girls’ group. Butters ends up really enjoying his time as a girl because they are much nicer than the boys. For their part, his parents, who also believe he is dead, try to bring him back to life by going to an Indian cemetery.


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