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Stan Hachi (South Park)

A South Park ninja

Stan is shown here with his ninja look. We find his usual clothes but modified to give him the appearance of a ninja. He wears blue pants with black shoes. On top, his sweater has been torn to shorten the sleeves and it opens in two to make like a kimono. He also has a blue belt. On the head, he wears his usual blue cap with red pompom and around the forehead, he wears a red headband. Finally, he holds two wooden fighting sticks in his hands.


A young ninja

Stan is one of the main characters of the animated series South Park telling the adventures of four third grade boys in a small town in Colorado. Despite the fact that the heroes are children, this series has a very trashy humor reserved for adults. It also very often parodies other styles, movies or series as well as real life events. In one episode of season 8, the boys buy strange weapons at the market and this instantly turns them into ninjas and the episode adopts a Japanese anime style. Things get out of hand pretty quickly, Butters gets a shuriken in his eye and the kids try to find a way to get him to the hospital without the adults learning what they’ve done.


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