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Phillip avec drapeau du Canada chase (South Park)

A proud Canadian

For this chase figure, Phillip has been depicted holding a Canadian flag in his left hand as on the chase version of his friend Terrance. Otherwise, he wears gray pants and a blue sweater with P on it and his head is cut in half at the level of his mouth when he speaks, which is a trait shared by all Canadians in the South Park series. Finally, we find his blond hair with a funny cut on the top of his head.


The worst of TV

Phillip is a character from the adult cartoon South Park. He is one of the two heroes of the series Terrance and Phillip that young boys in the small town of South Park love. It’s a parody of the most idiotic TV programs in the United States, since the two characters only make scatological jokes and fart in each other’s face. Despite this, kids love them and the two characters will even have their own adventures outside of their show and will meet the kids in real life several times, especially when Terrance decides to leave the duo to pursue a more serious career.


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