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Ike (South Park)

The little Canadian

The drawing style of the series is very simplified and very particular and the Canadians are represented in a very particular way. Indeed, when they speak, their whole face opens in two. And so Ike is represented here with just his big black eyes and his little tuft of hair on the top of his head. As for his body, he is represented with a simple blue romper with three small buttons.


Kyle’s little brother

Ike is a recurring character in the South Park series since he is the little brother of Kyle, one of its heroes. South Park is a cartoon for adults featuring four 10 year olds (and still being 10 after 20 years and 20 seasons) in the small town of South Park, USA. Although focusing on the lives of its children, the series has a very trashy, dark, scatological and often a bit absurd humor. They also follow current events in the United States and the world very closely. Ike is Kyle’s adopted Canadian baby brother and although he is always a baby, he still manages to have an important role from time to time.


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