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Stan (South Park)

The boy in the blue hat

Like all the other characters in the series, Stan usually wears the same simple clothes that make him easily recognizable despite the simplicity of the animation and the uniformity of the characters’ facial features. He wears a brown coat with blue pants and simple black shoes, but what makes him particularly recognizable is his famous blue cap with a red pompom and border.


The adult of the group

Stan Marsh is one of the four main protagonists of the famous animated series for adults South Park. This cartoon with a deliberately simplistic style has featured four third (then fourth) grade boys for over 20 years now. Along with Kyle, Stan is one of the most normal of the group of boys and is generally quiet, friendly and fairly intelligent. He has little regard for the adults in the small town of South Park who often behave in a completely absurd way. And despite his apparent naivety, Stan often finds himself having profoundly intelligent and adult reflections on the world, society, religion, etc…


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